Review of the WikiLink Jacker Link Builder for Wikipedia

Wikilink Jacker

WikiLink Jacker is a new contender to the throne in the kingdom of the best tools for grabbing high authority and quality backlinks. This is an Adobe Air software designed to greatly help people who are bloggers, CEOs, or simply looking to boost their own site’s authority for the search engines. As stated in this WikiLink Jacker review, this tool helps you find dead links in Wikipedia pages relative to the topic that you are interested in. Wikipedia is constantly searching for material to fill in the empty spots, so our software works in synthesis with one of the most popular sites in the past decade.

Wikilink Jacker
Screenshot of Wikilink Jacker

The software is highly efficient and easy to use. It allows the user to do most of the work inside the program. How it works is that it helps you find a place for your link. Most of the time it is a dead link that was once located on the page that is related to the topic you are interested in, but the original website no longer exists so the reference is left hanging there with no purpose.  Wikipedia is constantly looking to get these replaced, so this is the easiest, most-recommended way to go.

Once you get your search results, the WikiLink Jacker not only provides you with a certain number of pages in which you might be interested in, but it also indicates the page rank and tells you how many potentially dead links are on the page.

You can then open the page directly in the application with the dead links already highlighted. You can see the original page from the link if it is archived. This allows you to get more info on the subject, or even rewrite an old article. The Wikilink Jacker has a spin option as well, so with a little spinning or re-writing you can get some additional material for your site, with tags and everything. You can then post your article directly to your own blog.

The application also has a Wiki editor browser where you can update the dead link to point at your own page. The really convenient thing is that you don’t need to switch to your browser at any point during your work, so that saves you a lot of time and gives you a good overview of your work. As mentioned before, WikiLink Jacker works with Wikipedia, giving your links very high authority and allowing you to deliver high quality results. When it comes to back links, spamming is the wrong way to go. In working with the Wikipedia system, you are actually providing them with the material they are already searching for, so there is a very high for your links to stick. WikiLink Jacker is definitely the cutting edge when it comes to tools used for this kind of work, so you should definitely check it out.

5 Uses For Structural Steel

Today, structural steel use in construction projects is increasing due to its strength and ease of installation. Structural steel is available in many shapes, which offer engineers and builders superb solutions in their construction projects. Some of the most common shapes include; I shaped cross section steel, Z-shape, Rail profile, T-shaped cross section, bars, plates, rod and open web steel joist. Every type of steel section is suitable for specific purpose. There are steel metal options that are foldable or bendable to construct a custom structure. Structural steel is important for both residential and industrial construction projects. To be enlightened on the projects to use structural steel, here are the 5 uses for structural steel for structural steel.

1. Industrial sheds
Industrial sheds are normally large and with ample space inside to allow the industrial activities to be done inside. It protects the products manufactured and the workers form harsh weather conditions and other types of intrusion. Structural steel has proved to be the best construction material for these mega structures. This metal easily welded or joined using bolts and it is easy for contractors to stick on the original plan of the structure. Structural steel roofing does not need support bars at the center of an industrial shed. This maximizes the space inside and allows wide machines to move around the shed with ease. Steel is strong and lighter than concrete and the sidebars are enough to support a roof. There are designs used to make sure that the roof is strong without necessarily erecting support bars at the center of the structure.

2. Metro stations and road construction 
Supporting the roof of a metro station requires a construction material that is strong to withstand the vibrations caused by moving trains and vehicles on the surface. Engineers combine structural steel with concrete to make walls that can last for thousands of years without developing any problem. First, they use structural steel to make the structure’s “skeleton” and then fill it with concrete. Some of the longest railway and road brides are constructed using structural steel. This steel is easy to position when making towers to support the bridge and this make construction work fast. It is also the main flyovers construction main material on the roads today.

3. Residential complexes and homes
Residential complexes may rise up to 10 or more floors and are hosts many families. Such complexes require a strong foundation to avoid any risky event from happening. Contractors building such complexes and other apartments use structural steel to support pillars and staircases used by those living in such residential structures. This steel is also used to strengthen balcony extensions and other old structures that need support. The strongest indoor and outside staircases are made using this steel. Apartments and residential complexes supported by structural steel have high chances of withstanding natural catastrophes such as earthquakes and tornadoes as steel does not break when subjected to shocks.

4. Commercial buildings
Most of the commercial buildings are high risers and have unique designs, which require building materials that are strong and light to make the structure constructed to remain standing. There are also trendy designs that need steel framing or making the entire building using steel. The different shapes of construction steel are used to personalize all the areas in such buildings and the results are strong and modern looking buildings. After construction, paint is applied to give buildings their planned look. Structural-steel built buildings have more indoor spaces when compared to concrete buildings of the same size and it is easy to construct commercial indoor fixtures and cabinets through welding rather than drilling in the case of concrete.

5. Aircraft hangars and warehouses
Aircrafts need indoor space without barriers and structural steel is a must use construction material to create enough space for an aircraft to move into an aircraft hangar with ease. Most of the aircraft hangar roofs are dome shaped and their roof designs require structural steel that may either bent or welded to make a structural curve. Such roofs are long lasting and can handle contractions and expansions without breaking. Just like the hangars and industrial sheds, warehouses should have an ample space to allow for easy storage and handling of goods using equipment such as forklifts.

Structural steel is preferred to other construction material options due to; good strength/weight ratio, sustainability, fire resistance and corrosion resistance. Irrespective of the structural steel project you have, you need to get the metal from a trusted supplier to ensure that it’s of the right standard and its delivery is timely. InnerCity Steel Pty Ltd has proved to be the most outstanding metal fabricators in Sydney. They have been in this industry for 20 years now and have handled thousands of fabrication projects. They also offer onsite metal installation services and collaborate with your contractor to make the planned structure. They have experienced and skilled team that can deliver on any project involving structural steel. For people who require structural steel services right from supply to onsite installation, visit Steel to find out whether they offer their services in your area and to get a quote.

Remodeling on a Limited Budget

We have all heard, either from friend or co-worker, the horror stories of contractors and carpenters that go way over budget or take weeks longer to finish the project than originally promised.  Rooms left without carpet or bathrooms without toilet or running water but no water heater.  Plenty of these stories are true, but more often than not it comes down to a misunderstanding.  A misunderstanding from both the contractor’s point of view and the customers.

Never Been There, Never Done That

If you have never tackled a remodeling or home improvement project before then you should never start with a large project.  An entire room as an example would most likely be too large a project to start if you planned on hiring a contractor.  It is a different story if you plan to do the job yourself.  Even better would be replacing a vanity in a bathroom or putting up crown molding in a bedroom.  For a site to get good fresh advice and plenty of starter projects head over to:

Also to be considered are outdoor projects; adding a garden in the backyard, separating the yard with a stone pebble walkway, or even putting in a sprinkler system.

Small Project, Small Budget

Right.  So you have your small project in mind.  The first thing is to right down your budget.  It is very important that you work within your budget constraints.  Home projects and DIY projects can quickly get out of hand.  For example, when you see that must-have $300 power tool needed to do that one job.  In cases like these, think about renting from a tool/equipment rental shop.  For a small fraction of the total price you can have the tool in-hand for the day or two needed or complete the work.

Okay, back to the small job.  You have your budget written down.  Next is to start making a list of what you want to change or add.  Once the list is complete, attach monetary values next to each item.  The goal is to work within your budget while getting an idea of what can be accomplished.

Assemble your Project on Paper

Now that you have your list of material, your budget, assemble or build the project on paper.  Similar to how an architect or drafter would layout their building plans is how you should go about building your project.  There is no need to break out the ruler and the French curves.  The end result is for you to have rough sketch and to get a better idea of the end result, the work involved, and if you have overlooked something.  Paper is very forgiving, wood is not.

When you have a good idea of the time, money, material, and end-result is when you can take your first trip to the local home improvement warehouse.

As Drawn, As Built

Of course there is always IKEA, but that is really not a DIY home improvement remodeling project.  Use the simple broad overview detailed above to get a start on your small remodeling project.  Use these small projects as learning experiences before you go out and tackle something so large that you and your project become the topic of water cooler legend.

Travel Mission – “Destination Las Vegas”

Las Vegas, a city that we can call with its other name – Sin City, has its own title – “Entertainment Capital of the World”. Las Vegas is notorious for its buildings and posh hotels, many casinos, different adult entertainment, generally lavish lifestyle and expensive boutiques that leads to the United States capital of gambling. If you watch TV and movies you will definitely recognize It from the screen – there is the day and night entertainment, fashion shows, cocktail at the pool, performances and a lot more events.

In the city you can see 16 of the largest hotels in the world. Most impressive for its size is MGM Grand Hotel, which has 5,000 beds. The city has more than 1 million jobs. Interesting records are recorded in history of Las Vegas. The highest roller coaster (located on the “Stratosphere Tower”), the largest artificial volcano (Hotel “Mirage”), the largest glass sculpture in the world’s largest fountain (both hotel “Bellagio “), the most powerful laser beam (hotel” Luxor “) and one of the three objects generated by the human hand, which can be distinguished from the space to the naked eye.

Today Las Vegas hosts some of the most recognized buildings on the screen world wide, some of the most luxury shops and some of the best golf courses. When you visit it you will not even miss the miniature version of the Eiffel Tower. Everything in Las Vegas is labeled “the most”.

First the tourism in the area was born with the building of Hoover Dam, and later on with the legalization of gambling. That caused the first hotels and casinos in Las Vegas to appear. There was a construction boom in the late 40-ies of the last century. The first casino hotels were built near the two-lane main road. Thus forms the main boulevard, called The Strip.

In the 50s of the past century Las Vegas continued to grow as a popular tourist destination. At that time, are built one of the largest casino hotels in operation today. The first tall building in the main street – Hotel Riviera, was build in 1955. Here for 43 year, the legendary Frank Sinatra performed shows at some of the most luxurious casinos and hotels.

In the 70s there has been a significant decline in the inflow of tourists in Las Vegas because the city has nothing new to offer visitors. The city is occupied and make sweeping changes in the 80s of the last century. Most hotels were renovated and some new were built with larger capacity and more facilities. Along the tourist attractions you can see volcanoes, white tiger reserve, pools with dolphins, various water theme parks. But of course if you want to spend some time outside of the city, you can enjoy aerial or landing tour with a helicopter to the Grand Canyon, and view Hoover Dam and Lake Mead from the air.

Investing In Alabama Property

When one thinks about purchasing land or industrial property Alabama would not usually be at the top of the list. Yet it is one of the few states that can offer realty at a reasonable rate that is still appealing to investors. Whether you are wanting to farm, develop a hunting lodge, start your own poultry farm or invest in lumber this is the state for you.

Although Alabama is thought about among the poorer states in the Union with a populace just under 5 million, it opens the door for investors and businesses seeking to broaden into other locations and making the most of the lower cost of living. The state’s quality of life is a significant draw for company executives with surface varying from mountains in the northern area of the state to stunning beaches in the Southern section. The climate is mild, the expense of living is low with the state having the most affordable electricity cost for users, according to a current short article in Global Direct Investment Solutions.

Purchasing timberland has actually been shown especially profitable to investors particularly during bearish market. Alabama’s forest grows at a rate between 2 to eight per cent a year. Timberland roi has actually gone up approximately 15 % each year, as compared to an annualized return of simply 9.6 % for the S&P 500, according to the National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries (NCREIF). With over 50,000 square miles of land and a populace situated primarily in the cities, there exists plenty of chance for this kind of investment.

One benefit to wood is that it does not need to be cut at the end of the growing period and will certainly continue to develop and enhance in value up until the owner decides to harvest. Alabama ranks 2nd in the United States for forestland with over twenty-two million acres.

For those trying to find farmland it is likewise readily available. Great farmland can earn a two to four per cent annual cash-on-cash return compared with a yield of less than one per cent on a six-month treasury costs. Let’s admit, farmland is limited in the United States with over a million acres of farmland each year being converted to housing development, shopping malls, industrial and commercial property, said an article found in Land in Alabama for Sale. As populace in the United States tends to increase, farmland on the other hand is minimizing. Generally, farmland has a long-lasting recognition of five to 6 per cent annually. As farmland manufacturing remains to reduce, appreciation of the continuing to be farmland will certainly enhance.

Land has actually long been a hedge against inflation while stocks and bonds typically decline with inflation. Land investment is online not a get rich quick plan however it is a guaranteed way to diversify your financial investment portfolio.

So, if you are seeking to variety that profile, or invest in timber, begin a farm or build a premier hunting lodge you need to consider Alabama as an excellent land financial investment chance.

It is one of the few states that can provide genuine estate at a sensible rate that is still appealing to investors. Whether you are looking to farm, develop a hunting lodge, start your own poultry farm or invest in wood this is the state for you.

Alabama is thought about one of the poorer states in the Union with a population simply under five million, it opens the door for investors and businesses looking to broaden into other locations and taking benefit of the lower expense of living. The state’s quality of life is a major draw for business executives with terrain ranging from mountains in the northern area of the state to lovely beaches in the Southern part.