Graphology: Determine your personality and character


Graphology or graphologie simply means character reading. It is the interpretation of a person’s character and personality through the analysis of his handwriting.

Graphology has another part to it, which is graphotherapy – influencing or changing a person’s behaviour by changing handwriting. The science of graphology is steadily gaining fame and people are gradually accepting the concept. The fact that the human subconscious expresses itself with music, art and other forms is undeniable. It is in this vein that graphology analyses this manifestation with the handwriting, which is one of the commonest human subconscious-world interface.

One example of how this is done would be looking at long final strokes used by some persons when writing. According to the experts in this field, long strokes can convey messages. For instance, long final strokes translates that the writer is a very careful and cautious person. This means a reduction in the tendency to be impulsive and a minimization in the risk involved in making decisions.

Another illustration is the use of graphology to get into a person’s subconscious. A left ward slant style of writing indicates an introvert. This means the writer prefers to keep to himself and rarely expresses feelings. It also says that he makes decisions that are logically unemotional. All these could only be known thanks to graphology.

Even as regards trusting or not, graphology helps to differentiate as it reveals that the size of the loop on Y’s and G’s reveals the amount of trust and imagination with a narrow loop revealing some trust with such people being selective about who they accept in their inner parts.

Graphology also helps to analyse a person’s temper. A person that writes with the t-bar predominantly crossed on the right of the stem indicates an individual with a hot temper. The more it is to the right, the easier it is get the person annoyed. A combination of that with a rightward slant means a person that loses his temper very quickly.

Graphology even goes as far as telling us that a person’s libido and level of energy can be determined from the size of his/her Y’s. According to graphology, ones sex drive and level of energy can be determined from the depth of the person’s Y and G down stroke. A huge Y indicates a strong and very physical person and the reverse is true.

Basically, thanks to graphology, the personality and character of persons can be determined from the way they write. Graphology can also be used in determining a person’s aggressiveness, level of analytical thinking, loyalty, and other behavioural traits.




Best Camper Trailer Manufacturer in Newcastle

camper trailers australia

camper trailers australiaIf you want to explore breathtaking locations while on the go then off road camper trailers would make the ideal solution. These are basically trailers that are towed behind a vehicle. It consists of a foldable versatile tent that could be spread out and used anywhere for camping purpose. A camper trailer is the best medium for those who like to have a holiday on the road. When it comes to buying a camper trailer in Newcastle, Australia, the overwhelming amount of choices in terms of camper trailer manufacturers would leave one confused! However, it is necessary to choose the right manufacturer because these are a big investment.

These days, camper trailers come fully equipped, which means that one does not need to bring along any extra lodgings. These all-inclusive trailers are excellent for holidays because one simply need to take just this one item along for the vacation and everything would be taken care of! Thus, one can focus on enjoying the picturesque beauty of Australia by opting for vacationing with these multi-functional and fully equipped camper trailers. In other words, these vehicles enable you to enjoy your vacation to the fullest and they serve as the perfect vehicle for you to travel in! 

Australian Campers and Trailers is one of the best companies that you can rely on for camper trailers in Australia. The company offers high quality camper trailers. These can be divided into three categories: 
– On Road trailers
– Off Road trailers
– Extreme off road trailers

With such a vast range of trailers to choose from, why would one want to shop elsewhere? The camper trailers manufactured by this company are 100% Australian made and they are of good quality, which is why they are very strong and are capable of withstanding all types of weather. Thus, they are perfect for vacations in Australia because in Australia, the weather is extremely erratic and it keeps on changing. The camper trailers manufactured by the company are also perfect for use in family holidays as they would comfortably fit in the entire family, including the children and pets (if any)!

The good thing about buying from Australian Campers and Trailers is that the company engages in nationwide delivery, which ensures that one would receive one’s order conveniently irrespective of one’s place of residence. Moreover, the company also offers competitive prices, in fact the best in the market, which is the primary reason why it is so popular amongst Australians. When you purchase a camper trailer from the company you would receive free accessories and also a free registration on box trailers. 

Buying camper trailers is a task that calls for caution because it is a fairly big investment. Moreover, you have to ensure that you are getting a good quality one so that you can rely on it when travelling a long distance for a holiday. With camper trailers from Australian Campers and Trailers you can put all these worries to rest because the trailers are absolutely reliable and highly durable. Thus, these are an investment that you would surely not regret making!

Why Learning English is worth it

Are you, or someone you know, struggling to learn English as your second language?  Do you (or they) sometimes think that it’s just you or you can’t pick it up like your friends or colleagues?  While it may be true that we all learn in different ways and we all have our different strengths and weaknesses, you should never let that keep you from improving how you learn to speak English.  The benefits far outweigh the long and difficult journey.

How to Keep Learning English

English might be considered the ‘global language’ for international businesses and commerce, but that is far from the truth when it comes to being the most spoken.  With Chinese being far more difficult to learn and Spanish being a little easier to transition, there are many factors in why some people have a harder time than others, when it comes to learning English as a second language.

The older you are, the harder it is to retrain your brain to form sentences, sound out new tones, and write new words.  Don’t be afraid of your native tongue accent and don’t apologize for mangling verbage.  Instead of saying “I don’t speak English,” you should say “I’m learning to speak English or “I can understand a little.”  These habits of throwing up the white flag and preventing yourself from using language in real life situations should be broken, if you are serious about learning English.

Never Give Up

When you are still learning vocabulary, the one thing you shouldn’t do is try to always translate everything word-for-word.  The best way to remember things is to get used to listening for context clues and putting two and two together.  Even if you don’t know all the words, you can still pick up bits and pieces, the rest is just filler.

As you learn more words, your brain begins to rewire itself, so if you see someone struggling with the language, tell them that even though they may not understand everything they hear, the important part is that they are learning and they get the general idea.  No one is perfect in their language, because it has many different forms, from regional to individual, each with their own set of rules or customs.  Language is constantly evolving, just like yourself when you learn a new language.  Have fun learning English and embrace the mistakes that make us human.

Choosing a Web Design Company

Getting it right when choosing a professional web design company to create your website is crucial, here we will give some recommendations that may help.

In our view there is no difference between a freelance developers or a company with a staff of developers in the end what matters is the seriousness and commitment. We have seen cases of abandonment of projects both by companies and independent, so we insist that a choice has to be better than another; in the end what counts is the team that is serious and committed to the development web. Another thing that often happens is that a company apparently formal operative aspect and the project runs externally to a freelance programmer, this is a lack of seriousness as the only thing that will bring a higher cost of the project.

Characteristics of a professional web design

Availability phone or by email: It is essential to talk to a person if something goes wrong or if you wish to advice. If this person is also a lot better than a commercial that you end up asking the technical and mere intermediary only slow down the communication process technician.

Find solution to everything: There are times when technical problems arise or not is a good way to solve a problem or need. A good professional will always an option, albeit the least bad, but there should always be solution. Should Run developers respond with a “you cannot” at the first opportunity.

Knowledge and demonstrable experience

Using technologies (PHP, JavaScript, MySQL) and extended tools and open source, free, like WordPress to create websites and blogs or Prestashop to create online shops.

And something that we recommend if you want to choose a professional web Design Company or you successfully complete your project is:

Do not go to your cousin or your brother or other relative. We have seen a long list of cases that have ended badly. You must choose to do you a favor or a professional job, think about whether your project is an experiment in amateur or something professional.

Visit here for professional website design company in Adelaide, Australia:

Do not go to an acquaintance that works as an employee and will make your page in his spare time. The project will last for months and web maintenance is a nightmare.

Does not put money as prime factor in choosing one or another company; choose the cheapest may end up with a project performed poorly.

5 catering ideas for your next party

mobile woodfired pizza sydney

mobile woodfired pizza sydneyWhen you are having a nice little party, you want to entertain your guests and also make sure that they are enjoying themselves with what they eat. There are several different ideas you need to think about when hosting your next party. You want it to be fun, exciting, and also giving your guests the food they would love to eat. Use these 5 catering ideas for your next party.

5 catering ideas for your next party

- Taco Party

If you are going to have a small get together of just a few people, a party where you all eat tacos is a great idea. The idea is to have a ton of interesting ingredients like tomatoes, chicken, and other items to let others make their own taco. A taco party can bring you and your friends together to eat something healthy and also enjoy getting to make something with everyone else.

- Starbucks

It has become quite the trend for rich people to have a Starbucks vendor come in to a party and give guests free drinks from the Starbucks kiosk. This is a very expensive and private thing that only the richest of the richest people have done. It is a very unique experience if you happen to have the money. It isn’t something you can just get unless you have some serious connection and cash, but it’s definitely an exciting thing if you do have the money.

- Pizza Truck

There are really fun pizza parties who make it so exciting when you get their pizza. The Mobile Pizza Nights company offers top of the line mobile woodfired pizza in Sydney that can appeal to any event, corporate function, birthday party, or any special occasion. With a staff of fun and caring individuals, you will definitely enjoy the fun entertainment they add when they offer their pizza making services. Check them out:

Pizza is the most common Universal food that everybody loves, and who beats them out than having this pizza truck to offer you top notch services.

- Burger Making Party/Cookout

Just like the tacos idea, consider doing a cookout. A cookout is fun, unique, different, and it gives you the chance to make some good food. Burgers are great because you can cook them, and then have everybody make their own little mix that is perfect for them.

- Hot Dog Bar

Hot dogs are very similar to burgers and pizza. Almost everybody loves them. There are companies who will supply you with tables, tasty hot dogs, buns, and service to help make sure that your guests can enjoy quality ingredients to make their hot dog a tasty one.

Your party really needs to be different, unique, and set yourself apart from everybody else. There are so many people who never seem to have fun parties, but this is what you need to do if you want to have massive fun. If you want top notch catering, consider the above ideas to help spice up your party and event. You’ll have a ton more fun when you come up with a fun idea on what you do with your food.